Thursday, September 30, 2010

the list of...

current likes&dislikes...

pepsi {always&forever}
nail polish
fall weather
reading books with sweet ava
reading books on my own {hello thirteen reason's why, fly away home, & almost moon.}
toms shoes
fall's tv lineup
adorable headbands for both me&ava
flintstone vitamins

my hair {im growing it out, and it is definitely at that annoying length -- you know, the one that makes you want to throw your hair in a ponytail}
that september went by too fast
that i can't seem to get myself back to the gym
that my little girl is growing up {she's on her way to loosing her second tooth-a for sure sign she's a big kid}
that ava is required to wear tennis shoes every day for school {ruins her adorable outfits}
that ava's teacher doesn't consider ava's toms as tennis shoes {lame}
that is is only thursday, when it really needs to be friday

what are your current likes&dislikes?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

out with the old...

we hit yet another milestone this morning in the emerson house --- ava lost her very first tooth!

she knocked it loose Monday eating her lunch, and waited impatiently for it to come out!  she asked Justin each night to "please just pull it out already".

this morning she burst into are room at five til' six and proudly proclaimed "it fell out!"

 yes, this loosing of the tooth did in fact make me a little sad.  please do not judge me for the times i am emotional over the little things.  thankyouverymuch.

my babe is now so big

Friday, September 17, 2010

friday brain dump...

september is such a tease.  you think cool, fall weather---but it's still 90 degrees outside.
i had a bit of a stomach bug this week.  the plus side? i wasn't really hungry!
i'm feeling much better today.  the downside? i'm craving pepsi and a gigantic hamburger.
i got my hair cut this week---just a trim. i am trying to grow it out, but its hard to justify spending $50 on something no one even notices!
ava got her first bad note in her folder.  "watch your talking"...can't say i'm surprised :)
i am so glad its friday.
sunday is the bff's birthday!
sunday is also a sweet little two year old's birthday...and i for one can't wait to see all the mickey mouse details! ((happy birthday sweet ava))
we will be purchasing priss's halloween costume this weekend.  she has decided on princess aurora from sleeping beauty.
happy friday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. --George Sand

Over Labor Day weekend, we celebrated with the new Mr. & Mrs. Foster!  Sarah (the bff, and sister-in-love) & her mom have been my family here in Texas, and they have treated me and  my family like we have always been a part of theirs.  I am so happy for Crystal (Sarah's Mom, and the new Mrs. Foster) and Greg (now G-Pa!).  It was great getting to celebrate with them after they returned from their private beach wedding in Curacao! 

Mr. & Mrs. Foster
Mom, Dad, and Kiddos :)

The 'Adopted' Family :)

The Girls with their kids
(sweet Bella with Brandi, Sarah with Master P, and Ava and I)

Photos with Sissy and her Grand kids...

Crystal, Sarah, and Preston

Sissy, G-Pa, and Ava
Photos of Ava with her people...

Photos with my people...

it was a happy, love-is-in-the-air kind of night.  i wish them both many more nights just like this.  Nights filled with laughter, family, and love.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


In an effort to keep plowing through my bloggers block ((or maybe my life has just been a little 'normal' as of late)) i thought Id share the random photos of my 'normal' life captured on my iPhone :-)

She was so excited that I was able to get her hair in a towel "just like mommy"


Before school

Sweet Preston

Some flowers I did for a wedding reception

Modeling her spiderman jammies that great grandma Diane made for her.

Playing dress up at the gap :-)

New tinytoms for the little miss!

Randomtown, one of my favorite places to be :-)

Happy Sunday, loves!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall wishlist...

Dear Ann Taylor LOFT
Thank you for making such fabulous clothes.  i love your girlie ruffles, your dainty bows. your chic, classic pieces.

love love love.  thinking I may need to make a trip there this weekend.  what store make YOU 'ohh and ahhh' ?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

budding photograhper...

little miss was playing on my iphone lastnight.  this morning, i came across the cutest little photo she had snapped.  Looks like someone might be needing a camera of her own!

happy wednesday, sweet friends!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what would YOU do?...

Friday night i went to bed fairly early, and was awoken at 12:45 a.m. to the sound of a woman's screams.  Delirious and still dazed with sleep, I thought i was dreaming.  Then I heard a man's voice, loud and full of anger, and i flew out of bed in sheer panic.  My wall mate was in the middle of a terrible argument, and I was totally freaked. I ran to Ava's room where Justin was sleeping {we have an arrangement that allows for Ava to sleep with her momma on weekends, and her bed on weeknights.  Thus,Justin was in her room.}  I woke him and told him that I was scared and thought i might need to call 911.  Explaining what I heard, he got out of bed to come and check it out. 
I was so scared that the man may have a gun, and could possibly hurt us in some kind of crazy crossfire.  So I scooped up Ava and put her in her bed.  I was shaking by this point, and the voice on the other side of the wall was louder and angrier.  He was yelling profanities, and it was followed by loud bangs against the walls.  I could tell if he was throwing things, hitting the wall, or hitting the girl who lives next to me.  I heard the girl cry out again, and I couldn't listen for another second. 
I called the police and explained what I was hearing.  I gave them my phone number and hung up, major knots now in my stomache.  Justin was concerned that they would come, and get no where.  That the man would find out we turned him in {and in all honesty, i don't think we were the only one's who heard}. Finally, we saw a police man walk up.  Two minutes later, a police car, firetruck, and ambulance pulled up with their lights on. 
The officers were arrested the man, and he tried to resist.  They brought the girl out on a stretcher :(  At this point, it was going on 2:30 a.m. I got about 3 hours of sleep before I was going again on Saturday.  We weren't home Saturday night. 
 When we got home Sunday, I could tell the woman was back at home, and I immediately got nervous.  Is she okay? Does she know I know? Where is the man?  Is he still in jail?  will he come back for her?
I don't know how to get any additional information about what happened on Friday night.  I don't even know if the man lives next door ( i think it was/is her boyfriend).  It  doesn't really bother me until I lay down to go to sleep at night, and then I start to worry.  How did she get in this situation? What can I do? How to I make sure that I am still protecting my family?  I need to make sure that Ava is safe when we are at home at night. We live in a nice apartment in a great neighborhood.  How does this happen next door? 
I'm sorry for the rambling.  I am just still bothered by this.  I wish I had more answers, so that I could know what additional steps I need to be making.  Any advice is welcome!!