Friday, November 30, 2012

first day of school...

i know i say this every year, but how in the world to we have a second grader?  it's just not possible!  at any rate, ava was excited for her first day of school!

i thought her first day of schoold outfit was presh.  she looked like such a girl --- a huge treat since she much prefers t-shirts and tennis shoes over skirts & curls.  she even requested that i paint her nails :)

here's to an awesome 2nd grade year!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

meet the [2nd grade] teacher...

ava was so excited for meet the teacher!  we went together just her and i, and i got a few pictures before we headed to the school. 

she ended up in mrs. lacascio's class, and we loved her from the start!

second grade is going to be a growing year for our little miss. big changes up ahead!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

flyover state...

nana & papa celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to cancun!  on their way back to ohio, they had a layover in dallas.  we took the rare opportunity to see them and visited them during their layover at the airport.

it was worth the hour drive there and back to get to see them for a few minutes.  and as luck would have it, they planned a trip soon after this to visit us in our new home...

last full day [destin 2012]...

we wanted to get everything we could out of our last day in destin!  we spent a majority of the day at the beach, of course! 

sarah buried the kids [plus brad].

preston loved the water everyday, but especially on the last day!

we went to the back porch for dinner.  it was my favorite place we ate the whole trip. 

the weather was perfect and we got a table right on the water. they had a little playground right on the beach, which was perfect!  we were able to take the kids down there to play while we waited for our dinner.
we headed down to the beach afterwards to get some final [ :( ] photos.

we left early the next morning, and the kids rode with justin and i.  we joked that preston did better than his mom & dad on the 12 hour drive home :)  i'm so glad we finally made this family vacation a reality.  we had the best time!  I'm so glad we were able to share these memories with our favorite emerson's too! 

day 4 [destin 2012]...

we started off day for at the beach again.  it was overcast, but that didn't stop us!

with our vacation coming to an end, sarah and i opted to spend nap time at the beach.  it was SO relaxing!

after nap we all headed went to the beach.  sarah and the kids fed the seagulls, and i got some cute photos.  i couldn't believe they ate right out of sarah's hand!

after our beach day, we got dressed and headed to harborwalk village for dinner and a dolphin boat tour.  this dinner was definitely the worst we had, but seriously one bad meal out of all of them?  i'd say we did pretty good!  we made the best of it!

after dinner we walked around the village before getting on board the southern star!

heading out was a bit rocky [literally] but once we made it out of the port, it was smooth sailing.  we got to see several dolphins, and the kids loved feeding the seagulls from the back of the boat and spotting the dolphins.

the kids also got to drive the boat :)

another day down, and only one more to go before we wrap up our first family vacation!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

day 3 [destin 2012]...

day 3 was the worst weather day we had.  it pretty much rained all day long.  we wanted to get out of the condo, so while justin slept the morning away we headed to the bass pro shop. 

it finally stopped raining after nap time, so we walked to dinner at the crab trap.  we got a great table right next to the ocean.  perfection!

we headed down to the beach afterwards for a few pictures in the sand.

from this post you'd think that day 3 was a bust, but it was still so relaxing.  best.vacation.ever!

destin 2012 [ day 2]...

day 2 started out a lot like day the beach!  no complaints here :) sarah & brad got the kids boogie boards, and sarah and ava took turns on them.  preston loved the water and the sand.  the boys joined us for some swimming an football.

one of my favorite pictures from vacation!
after nap time we got cleaned up and headed to seaside.  seaside is the most postcard perfect town i've ever been to.  seriously, so cute! 

we took the kids down to the beach for some photos before dinner.  gorgeous water. gorgeous sand. two gorgeous kiddos.

we had dinner at a pizza/italian place on the water.  it was really good!

we walked around a bit after dinner, and the kids danced and played before getting some ice cream.
then it was time to change in to comfy clothes and go crabbing!  i have to admit, i was a little nervous about having to catch crabs, but we had a great time. 

a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[day one] 3 emersons + 3 emersons = ...

an awesome first family vacation!!!  sarah and i have been planning a beach vacation for years and years.  finally, way back in december of last year, we decided that we needed to stop talking about it and just do it.  sarah went to destin when she was in 8th grade, and remembered where they stayed [after some serious internet stalking searching], and we got our place booked.  it seemed like it would never happen, but before we knew it, we were packing our bags for destin!

my road-trip trooper!  she really did a great job!

sarah and preston flew and left a few days before us, so ava and i braved the 12 hour drive with the boys.  it really wasn't too bad.  if only i'd been paying better attention, we wouldn't have driven a little out of the way, resulting in a hour detour.  sarah also had some trouble renting her car [you don't want the details, but just remember: say no to hertz!] but we finally all met up in mobile  by late afternoon.  at that point, we ditched the kids with the boys, and drove together the rest of the way to destin.  we arrived just after dark, but were so excited to be there!

we were up bright and early the next morning to hit the beach!  it was cloudy, but we were determined to have our toes in the sand.

cute little beach bum

i love these pictures of sarah and preston.  so sweet!

after beaching it up, it was time to get cleaned up and head to our evening outing.  [side bar: thanks to sarah, we had a itinerary with restaurants, events, maps, etc, so that we always had a tentative plan.  i recommend doing this kind of research, especially when traveling with kiddos so that you are somewhat prepared!]  

the village of baytowne warf was so fun.  we walked the pier before dinner and got some cute family / cousin photos there too.

  the kids rode the carousel a few times before driving little boats on the water.

  ava was also super pumped to "fly" on the trampolines.  preston had to "jump" just like ava.  it was pretty cute!

the kids did a little lot of dancing before we called it a night. 

a great night at baytowne!