Thursday, August 27, 2009

some people might think she is crazy...

Today Ava went for her 4 year check up with Dr. Townes. Even though we have lived in Richardson for almost 2 years now, we still go see Ava's pediatrician in Duncanville because he is simply amazing. He has been her doctor since she was born, and there is just something reassuring about him checking her out--he just gets her. So i will continue to drive the hour and a half for him to see her.

This appointment was rather interesting. We hadn't see Dr. T since Ava's 3 year old check up ((praise the lord)) and so he was a little shocked to see just how grown up she is! We started the appointment with her nurse, who was so sweet and kind! Ava was weighed ((36 lbs.)) and Nurse E checked to see how much she had grown ((41 1/8 inches)). After that we had her eyes checked ((Right 20/40, Left 20/40)), and then her blood pressure ((98/56)). Then we patiently waited for Dr. Townes!

He came in, and Ava was such a big girl! She answered all his questions, and the conversation went like this:

Dr. T: Hi Ava! How are you?

Ava: I'm good. I'm four you know.

Dr. T: I know, happy birthday!

Ava: Thanks.

Dr. T: I am just going to check your breathing, okay?

Ava: That's fine.

Dr. T: Okay, now i am going to listen to your heart.

Ava: (whispering) Do you hear Jesus?

Dr. T: Yes, I can hear him!

As a side note, let me just tell you that Ava has been in crocodile dock's vacation bible school at her school ---and she has loved it! Every night when i pick her up she lets me know what she has learned. She has been sooo excited about all the great things God can do, and apparently, she takes every word she hears about Him and Jesus seriously.

Everything looked and sounded good, so Dr. T asked if it was okay to go ahead and explain that she was going to have to get some shots . I told him that was fine, and that I had already gave her a heads up last night.

Dr. T: Okay Ava, can I tell you about what is coming next?

Ava: Sure.

Dr. T: Well, today you have to get your immunizations. Do you know what that word means?

Ava: No.

Dr. T: Well, it is a fancy word for shots. You have four that you need to get today. But there is nothing to be afraid of.

Ava: (Fist goes flying into the air as she shouts) NEVER FEAR! GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US.

Seriously, how can you not love this kid? I laughed so hard. I am so proud of her love of learning, and that she is so excited about God and all he does.

She got her shots as she held my hand, and hardly even cried. She got some awesome Bugs Bunny band-aids and a sticker. After that, we headed to McDonald's as her reward for being such a brave little girl.

I am so grateful to be her Momma!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

where did my baby go?

Last night, i began tickling Ava's belly like i usually do, commenting "Tickle me, Mommy! Tickle Me" in a high pitched voice. ((my attempt to make it seem like her belly was talking))

My adult-like child quickly responded "wow, my belly can talk?...NO!"

completely shot down by my too serious 4 year old.

where did my baby go?

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Number 4

This morning ava and i made a trip to Cool Cuts for Kids for her 4th haircut. seriously, she has only had her hair cut 4 times!!!

Here she is posing before we headed to Cool Cuts. Look how long it is!! ((i promise her hair is NOT greasy like the picture makes it look...she had just gotten out of the shower-can you believe she takes showers?!?!---so it is wet.

Mommy and her little BIG girl!

In the big chair! I seriously thought I was going to cry when Connie made the first cut...almost 4 freakin inches!!

The final product! I wanted so badly to straighten it before i snapped these pictures, but i fought my ocd and decided to just let ya'll see her as is :) She is beautiful to me with long hair, short hair, or no hair at all.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Little Miss Ava,

I can't believe you are 4 years old today!

Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating your 1st Birthday! We had a party at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad's house, and you had so much fun! Mommy had a special "birthday girl" outfit made, and you started walking right before the big day! You didn't have much hair, but I still thought you were the cutest little girl!

With a blink of an eye, we were celebrating your 2nd Birthday! We again partied away at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad's, and you were so much more excited about your Birthday! You loved opening all your presents, but weren't a huge fan of the cake ((not much has changed!)) Mommy had another "birthday girl" shirt made, and you looked so adorable in your pigtails!

I blinked again, and you were THREE!! I took the day off work, and you, Aunt Sarah, and I all went to the Dallas World Aquarium and spent the morning looking at all the fun animals. You loved the otters and the flamingos! After lunch and a nap, the crew ((Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Brad, Miss Brittany, Sissy, Greg, Joey and Erica)) all headed to Adventure landing to ride go-carts, play put-put, and eat pizza! You had a blast, and wore your "Little Miss Birthday" t-shirt and the staple pig tails!

And today, you are FOUR! You have a ton of hair, and brilliant smile, and a laugh that melts my heart. You are a spit fire--always keeping Mommy on her toes. And on the flip side, you are such a sweet, well mannered little girl! You are always saying "I love you" and "please, thank you". You are so smart! You go to preschool at The Whistle Stop Station, and you love your teachers! Tonight we are going to the Circus with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad, and then we will go to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow with your family. You can't wait!
I am so lucky to be able to say that I am your Mommy! I am so excited to see what your 4th year has in store for us!
I love you baby girl~