Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend, my sisters and their Boys were in town. What.A.Weekend. 4 kids under 4, and 4 adults in a two bedroom apartment = insane. I love my sisters. in doses. I love my nephews. in doses. I think next time we need shifts! Andyn and Raace are such boys, and Ava was not used to that. I was constantly kissing boo-boos and applying band-aids for her because the boys play really rough. I am now thankful that a) I have a girl, and b) I only have one child! I don't know how I will ever handle two! {grin}

On Friday Afternoon, we all jumped in the mini-bus (aka the Excursion) and headed to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was--ahem--interesting. We made it through in about an hour with out many mishaps. A pretty good first outing.

Adults: Amanda, Britni, and Candace (I look horrible in this picture..ughh)

Kiddos: Raace, Corbin, Andyn, and Ava

Aunt Brit and Aunt Candace with Andyn and Raace, and our kiddos, Corbin and Ava.

Aunt Amanda with her boys and Miss Ava.

Mommy and Ava.

On Saturday, we rose bright and early--freakin 6 am on a Saturday?!?! -- and got the day started with scrambled eggs, sausage links, fried potatoes, and a dt. mt. dew (of course) and got everyone dressed and out the door by Noon to go to Ava's dance rehearsal. Miss Priss has taken dance since last August, and it is time for her very first recital. The recital is actually this coming Saturday, but my sisters were able to see a sneak peak at the dress rehearsal :)

Doin her thang.

What A Group!

I have never seen so many supporters at a dress rehersal...Ava is a superstar:)

Mommy fixing Miss A's crown.

A perfect "One, two, three I touch my knee"

"Cha, cha, cha"

Back Stage.

After dance rehearsal, we headed to Red Oak for a cookout and pool party at My Uncle's. I am originally from Ohio, and my Uncle is the only Family I have down here. It was great having everyone over to his place to just chill out. A much needed break from so much togetherness with my beautiful sisters.

Ava, Raace, and Andyn playing in the rain.

Corbin and Britni out by the pool. Seriously, how cute is he?


On Sunday, the kids all climbed in bed with Aunt Brit for a quick snuggle, and then it was off to the Zoo. Daddy and Uncle B-rad were going to meet us there after we rode the fabulous dart train all the way to the Zoo. ((45 minutes = sheer madness)) Daddy and Brad showed up right as we were arriving and we all went in the gates. All seemed well, but a storm was brewing just up ahead. My sister, who was tired and hot, and worn out by her two boys, went a little crazy, and thus , the Zoo ended up being a huge bitch-fest complete with screaming and crying and fit throwing--I won't name any names. We did manage to get a few good pictures though.

Wake up Aunt Brit!

The Picture of Trouble.

Miss A in the Mole Rat Tunnel.

"three little birds"

Andyn, Amanda, and Raace-Poo with the birdies.

Teasing Mr. Alligator "Can't Catch Me".

We look so thrilled. (Please excuse the no-makeup-wearing-don't-give-a-flip-at-this-point-image of yours truly.)

On Monday Morning, we were again up at the crack of dawn and traveled to the best place ever --- also know as The Wiggly Play Center. The kids were able to act like wild Indians and monkeys inside a huge play place instead of inside my house! GREATNESS! Even Baby Corbin had fun!

Andyn, Ava, and Raace about to slide.

Someone is in love.

Ava in the bounce house.

Ava and Dorthy the Dinosaur (Ava was OBSESSED).

Headed home :)
After the trip we went back to the house for naps, and then headed to a water park with the older kids, but my lazy butt has not uploaded those photos yet, so you will just have to use your imagination. Maybe I will get around to it this week and finish the post, or maybe not--because I am just lazy like that. I loved having my Sisters and Nephews here. I miss my crazy family from the North. My Mom and Dad, my sisters, my little brother, and the nephews... But I have to be honest -- This weekend was a not-so-quiet reminder of why I live 1100 miles from everyone! Texas is definately my home now, and while I love to have family visit, and to go Ohio and visit the crazies, I am greatful that we kind of have our own little life here--our own little family. I am really looking forward to going home tonight to piece and quiet, and my own bed. Did I mention that I slept on the couch this weekend? I didn't think it was appropriate to have my guest sleep in the living room, so we gave up both Ava's full sized bed, and our queen. I hate being nice :) I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wedding 'oh craps'...

First let me say that it is an honor to the matron on honor for the Bestie's upcoming nuptials. She is going to be a gorgeous bride, and is marrying the perfect person for her--my brother-in-law. Justin and I didn't have the --ahem-- traditional wedding, so there was no planning when we said "I do" almost 4 years ago. So I am thrilled to be able to help out so much with Sarah.

The venue is to die for.

Dress shopping with her was an amazing experience.--I can't ruin that surprise :)

My bridesmaid dress is --beautiful--and one I will actually wear again. It is a strapless vineyard dress from Priscilla of Boston--and I will be wearing it "truffle" on July 11, 2009.

Ava is in love with her princess dress, and likes that she can twirl.

We actually made it through the family shower that I threw for her a few weeks ago with out any nasty comments from the MIL and the rest of our disfunctional family (hey, I am only being honest)

But I DESPISE these...

Damn you paper-source and your templates online. 2 hours later, and I finally have a finished product, albeit 2 sheets of clear labels, not the adorable crimson oval labels that we were hoping for. So for those of you who we love, you will get the pretty, pain-in-the-ass oval labels for Sarah and Brad's wedding invitations that I didn't mess up. And I think it goes without acknowledgement who will be getting the boring, clear labels.

All this stress has made my hives appear on this pale skin, so I am off to chug a delicious and well deserved Dt. Mt. Dew!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh Man...Ava's school is closing. And not because of the swine flu. Total shock! Not to mention, I now have 4 weeks to find a new program for her! If only this was next year, then we could find a babysitter for the summer, and she could just start Kindergarden. will all work out I am sure. Does anyone have suggestions about great schools in the Richardson/Garland area???

Please help!