Wednesday, May 25, 2011

diving in...

maybe it is just me, but i absolutely despise bathing suits.  i have never been a fan, but add 20 extra pounds, and then swimsuit shopping becomes pure torture.  i have spent the last few weeks scouring the enter webs and stores for a new suit.  i would just skip a suit all together, but texas weather demands at least some pool time, especially when you have a kiddo.  so, in honor of National Swimsuit Confidence Week  [thanks, Katie, for posting about this!], i decided to take the plunge and purchase my summer suit.

  i headed over to Lands' End to see just what they had. i really did think that lands' end was a little matronly before.  but the VS swimsuits and target teen options just don't cut it for me now. i mean, i am in my mid-twenties, a mom, and do not have the same figure i had in high school.  i was beyond surprised at what i found - some super cute suits!  I loved that they had so many tankini options [this girl will never wear another bikini for as long as i live]. Although i am not brave enough to post me in all my bathing suit glory, i will show you the suit i decided on:

Oahu Cluster Floral Lingerie Strap Tankini Swimsuit Top

Oahu Mini SwimMini

i really like the print on the top!  they had matching bottoms, but i prefer a solid fabric over my rear.  and the dark color helps too.  i went with the skirted bottom in hopes that it will conceal [at least some] of my thighs.  me - and my stretchmarks - will be grateful for that extra coverage on the bottom.

so there you have it --- hoping i got the size right and that i like it when it gets here!  i was also able to get a coupon for $10 off and free shipping [].

do you have your swim suit yet?  where did you get it?  tankini/bikini/one piece? boyshorts/hipsters/swimskirts?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

la-la-la lately...

we have been busy the last few weeks doing everything and nothing at all :)

ava is struggling to keep it together the last few weeks, but summer is in sight! she is tired most days, and super cranky in the mornings! she had field day on friday the thirteenth, and was really excited to wear her field day shirt ;) the   She has lost two more teeth --- that has the count up to 5 total --- and looks pretty silly with her big girl grin!

  she has sprouted the last few weeks as well.  we took a trip to the outlets a few weeks ago for new tennis shoes, and also made a stop at a local children's resale shop for some great finds!  i was able to get a pair of crewcuts shorts, gap shorts, a pair of nike athletic shorts, and a pair of danskin shorts all for under $30!  the shop hit or miss, but this trip was definitely a success!

she tries my patience most days, and i know i drive her crazy, but i love her more than i ever thought you could love another person!

we spent the past weekend at home [a rarity for us!] and got caught up on house work, laundry, and other odds and ends.  we ventured out on Sunday for lunch and a round of putt-putt!

I have a few vacation days planned for the end of this week!  I am headed to spend some one-on-one time with Preston! i.cannot.wait!  i love that little boy to pieces, and l-o-v-e getting some quality time with him!

My little brother and his fiance are also coming in to town this weekend, so we will be having some family time!  hope you guys are having a fabulous week!