Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So way back in September, I posted about desiging an invite for my sweet nephew's first birthday party here. Well, I have FOUR older sisters, and one of them has a little guy who is turning one in Febuary and she asked for me to design his invite too:)  Here color scheme is blue and green--super fun!! I wipped up a few versions today...and now I can't decide. 

soooo...can you please please pretty please tell me which one you like the best?

I would be so greatful!

--i'm liking #2 the best...but I just don't know! --

I love hearing what ya'll think :)

2009 Year in Review {In Pictures}...

I can't wait to see what 2010 has is store!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

weekend recap {christmas edition}

I hope you all had a wonderfully Merry Christmas!  We had a busy, but beautiful weekend packed full of activities and celebration! 

On Christmas Eve I cut out of work early to pick up Priss from School.  We went and got Daddy from work just as it started to snow. How wonderful!  Growing up in Northern Ohio, I have only ever known a white Christmas---but as I am sure ya'll can figure out, I don't get that living in Texas.  So I was beyond excited that it started snowing on Christmas Eve!!  It made it feel a liitle more like home :)  We headed to the store for supplies to build a fire, make cookies & chocolate covered pretzels, and of course, smores :)

On our way to Blockbuster .

Our first ever fire in the fire place.
(I was soo excited about this)

Our cozy apartment on Christmas Eve.

Cookies for Santa :)

I have a lot more pictures on my camera, but someone can't find the cord to upload them, so all of these are from the iphone....{insert sad face here}

Santa came in the middle of the night, and baby girl was up bright & early Christmas Morning --5:45 a.m. ! -- To check out her loot!  She ran to the kitchen and couldn't believe that Santa had eaten her cookies she had left him AND drank all his milk!

Let me just say, Christmas morning with a four year old is very interesting.  When tearing open her pink boots that I Santa went to FIVE --seriously, FIVE-- different targets to find in her size Priss said "Oh man, these aren't even the pink boots that I love."  WTH?!?!?!  I swear these are the exact boots that she swooned over for a month!  Ughh...deep breaths for Mom Santa. 

Next up?  A Batman tee from the big jolly man!  "Oh my gosh, a batman shirt!!!  But how did he know?" Justin and I qucikly explained that Santa is always watching, so when he saw Mommy & Ava in the store, and Mommy said "No" to this batman shirt, Santa just knew Ava had to have it. "I don't think it works like that...I think you and Daddy got this for me."  WTH!?!?!?  How is she figuring this out?  Not to self: Only give her gifts from "Santa" that she put on her list.  Are we already needing to worry that she won't believe in Santa?!?!

After opening what seemed to be disappointment after disappointment --a Thermos just like Daddy's, Converse just like Mommy, a calendar for her room, an art set, ((she's got seriously too much since we combined Santa's gifts with Mommy & Daddy's gifts, Nana & Papa's gifts from Ohio, and Aunts and Uncles!)) she looked at us and said "I don't know why Santa brought me all these things that I didn't ask for.  I asked for a scooter, and I don't see THAT anywhere!"  WTH?!?!?  Little shit brat stinker.  Little did she know the scooter was delievered to her Daddy Steve's house where we were having Christmas a little later on.  I was so mad at her that I may or may not have threatened to call Santa to come and take all her presents,  and I may or may not have threatened to take back everything from Mommy and Daddy too.  I did have to excuse myself so that I could call my Mom to vent on how I did NOT raise her to be so ungrateful!  She is normally so sweet and polite, and I was beside myself at her attititude.  After about 20 minutes, my sweet girl came in to tell me " I'm sorry I wasn't being grateful Mommy.  I love all my gifts and really love my pink boots & batman tee.  I love that we have matching shoes. and that daddy and I can take coffee to work and scool together"...ahhh--and all was right with the world again :)  She is such a literal child, that she couldn't wrap her pretty little head around the Majic of Santa.  But that is okay...the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus and being able to just be with your loved ones, even if they are a little bit of a pain :)

Opening presents.

Here is my sweet girl modeling her new duds and pink boots ;)

FINALLY...the new scooter :)

On Saturday, J & A and I headed to the mall for some after christmas shopping!  I got some fabulous skinny jeans,((I have been contimplating buying a pair for a year now, but didn't want to look fat in them.  OMG--they are heaven if you like to wear tall boots!  They look fab!  I was seriously thinking "Where have you been all my life"  Girls...if you don't yet own a pair, go get some!!)) a tee shirt from jcrew, and a thermal from Gap. Priss got some boyfriend jeans from Gap,and an adorable tee from Gap too.  The hubs settled for some new denim :) 

Here is Priss before the leaving to go to the mall.  She was so excited to wear this shirt.  We put a girlie spin on it with her new pink chuck taylors :)

My New Jeans...:)

Priss'es new jeans...Can you say Adorable?!?!

Her new tee :)

Sat. Afternoon we had a sweet visitor for a few hours!  Miss Bella came to play while Sissy and Greg went to see a movie ((this is Sarah's sisters baby...they live in Cali and where home for the Holidays))  It was so fun to be "Aunt Candace" for a while, and to see Ava loving on Bella.  It may have given me a little bit of baby fever. :)

Love this one!


On Sunday I headed to the best place on earth, also know as Target!  So fun to get to browse all the aisles ((I am for reals...every.aisle.)) and to pick up a few more after christmas goodies.  ((Justin and I didn't do Christmas for each other this year, and agreed that what ever we got from our parents & grandparents we could spend after christmas! So that is how I got the go for all this fabulous loot!))

I ended up getting J some new tees, socks, a belt, and a super cute manly sweater.  I scored some new make up and this little pretty...

editor't note:  Please excute this horrible picture of me that I just took with my iphone so that I could show you this spectaular bauble!

I am usually not a sucker for jewlery, but I love the big statement necklaces and cocktail rings.  I just HAD to have this!

Yesterday, we got yet another package from Nana ((my Mom)) with this little guy inside....

Have you heard about The Elf on the Shelf?  IF not, go here now!  I cannot wait to use Fisbee((She got to name her new elf)) with Ava next year!


Such a fun. time. weekend!  I am glad this is another short week!  We have plans to go listen to Brandon Ryder on NYE as long as the MIL pulls through on keeping priss...we shall see!

I hope you all had a wondeful Holiday with your families!  Hoepfully you all have a short work week, or even better, no work at all!

Happy Tuesday!