Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Sneek Peak :)


I'd like to thank Sarah over at Adventures in Ava-land who gave me this blog award!!!!

**The Rules~ Use only one word, pass along to six favorite bloggers, and tell them you did so.

1. Where is your cell phone? desk

2. Your hair? muti-colored

3. Your mother? spunky

4. Your father? difficult

5. Your favorite food? pizza

6. Your dream last night? none

7. Your favorite drink? pepsi

8. Your dream/goal? skinny

9. What room are you in? office

10. Your hobby? shopping

11. Your fear? parenting

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here

13. Where were you last night? target

14. Something that you aren’t? shy

15. Muffins? blueberry

16. Wish list item? camera

17. Where did you grow up? Ohio

18. Last thing you did? ate

19. What are you wearing? costume

20. Your TV? big

21. Your pets? nada

22. Friends? amazing

23. Your life? happy

24. Your mood? tired

25. Missing someone? sister

26. Vehicle? kia

27. Something you’re not wearing? pants

28. Your favorite store? Target

29. Your favorite color? black

30. When was the last time you laughed? today

31. Last time you cried? weeks

32. Your best friend? special

33. One place that I go to over and over? work

34. One person who emails me regularly? katie

35. Favorite place to eat? hooters

I would like to pass this award on to: Anyone who wants to play!  I love all the FABULOUS blogs I follow!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Proud to announce...

Guess who has a new little baby to play with?

This little baby has been on my wishlist for over a year. Finally, the time had come to bring her home.  My husband was a little hesitant for a second baby, but after just one little look, he was in love too. 

She is the perfect new addition to our family.  I get pure joy out of watching her light up.  Waking up at 5 am this morning was so much easier knowing I had her right next to me.  I am in love.

I promise I still love my first born with all my heart.  Ava just has to understand that this Mommy has to devide her time. She is a great big sister, and is already loving playing with the new baby.

Without further adieu, I now proudly introduce my newest baby....

iPhone Emerson
arrived 10.27.09
8:21 p.m.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

♥ in an elevator...

Love Stuck in an Elevator.

This is how I spent some of my Monday night.


Seriously.  Here is the scary as hell tramatic recap...

I left my office early ahead of schedule so that I could make it to the train in time, now that the hubs and I carpool.  i got in the secret back elevators to our floor and pressed ONE.  Easy right?  It started to jerk but was moving down two floors, before it stopped abruptly. 

shit crap.  breathe.  think. press the call button for help.

Here is how my conversation went with the man:

Operator:  Hello, is there a problem?

Me:  Um, I'm pretty sure I am stuck in the elevator.

Operator:  What elevator are you in?

Me: um...i really don't know.

Operator:  What floor are you on?

Me:  Umm...I think I am stuck on six.

Operator:  Okay, no problem Ma'am.  Some one is coming right now to call all of the elevators down. 

Me:  Okay...

Operator: Has this ever happened to you?

Me:  No, this is the first for me, but I am sure this thing happens all the time.

Operator:  I don't know, this is the frist time for me.

shit crap.  I am trying to just keep my breathing normal and not panic.  Ididn't want to be the crazy lady who peed down her leg had an accident while being stuck inside the elevator.  I could hear the elevators next to me moving while I just sat there.

Operator: Ma'am, did you try pushing another floor?

I try--nothing happens.

Operator:  Try pushing the door open button.

excuse me? i am stuck between who knows where, and you want me to try and open the door?

shit crap.  I try the door open button. nothing.

Me:  It still isn't working.

Operator:  Okay Ma'am.  Your elevator isn't responding.  We are going to have to call the elevator tech out here to get you out.  It will be another 15 or 20 minutes.


Me:  Okay.  I need to call my husband.

--Justin and I carpool, so he was already at the train station waiting for me. we needed to be on our way to get A from school.  To make it worse, I had been asked to pick up another little girl in Ava's class who always occasionaly needs to have somewehre to go until on of her parents can pick her up. ((Seriously, she is at our house at least once a week.))  She is a brat little difficult, so this is not something I would normally make ask Justin to tackle all on his own. Sorry Hubs, but sometimes you have to take one for the team.

Here is my convo with the Hubs:

Me: Hi hun, umm..i am stuck on the elevator at work, so you are going to have to go get the girls at school.

Hubs:  What do you mean you are stuck on the elevator?

Me:  I mean, I am stuck on the elevator and can't get out.

Hubs:  Well did you tell someone?

no. i am just stuck here and thought i would call you for help. 

Me:  Yeah, and they can't get me out, so they are sending out a tech. It is going to be another 15 minutes before someone can get out here, and then they have to fingure out how to get me out.  So I need you to go get  the girls and just go home. 

Hubs:  Oh great,  I have to get both the girls?  Okay. Well I guess just call me when you are on your way home.

i could hear the annnoyance concern from the tone of his voice. such a jerk sweetie sometimes!

The tech fianally arrives and says it will be just a minute and he will have me out.  I can hear him tinkering around trying to get it open.  It has been about 25 minutes by this point, and I am sweating bullets.  They apparently shut down all the air when an elevator is down, and so I am feeling freakin a little warm.

Tech:  Okay Ma'am.  This door doesn't have a seal on it, so I can't pry it open. I need to go get the machine to open it, alright?

Me: Um okay.

shit crap.

He comes back and starts tinkering again.  Finally the door opens, and I can see that the sixth floor is up to my chest.

shit crap.

Tech:  Ma'am, let me go get a latter and I will get you out.

Me: Oh no, I am not waiting for a latter, let me just climb out.

and so i did.  35 minutes later, and I was free!

That is my story.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as my co-workers did.  I even got to fill out an incident report this morning.  I am now famous.  Please let me know if you want an autograph from the girl who got stuck in the elevator for a record ammount of time here at the office.

Monday, October 26, 2009

weekend recap...

I feel like I have been going 90 to nothing the past few days!  I had a conference for work at the end of last week, and spent a few days in Ft. Worth. 

Friday night, Ava and I had a girls night while Justin went to the Senses Fail concert with his brother
On Saturday, Ava and I headed to Mansfield to visit Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad.  We went to Sarah's fall festival at her school, and had a blast! After dinner, Ava headed home with S and B, and Justin and I had a child-free night -- this NEVER happens-- !!  We just watched a movie and hung out, it was great!

Also on Saturday, my little nephew celebrated his 1st Birthday with a Halloween-themed bash!  It is times like these that make me wish I didn't live 1100 miles away!  Happy Birthday Corbin!

On Sunday, we headed down to pick up Ava. Justin and Brad had planned to watch the Cowboys--the boys have a tradition of watching all the Cowboys games together-- and Sarah, Ava, and I were just going to have a girls day.  When we arrived, Sarah got a call from a friend of hers from school offering FREE tickets to the game!  Brad is crazy too nice and didn't want to cancel his plans with his bother and friends, so Sarah and I went to the game together!

The stadium was amazing, and we had such a good time! We actually even watched all most of the game! 

This week will be crazy, but so fun! We have Ava's school fall festival on Wednesday, my huge Halloween party at work, moving Brad and Sarah into their new house ((if all goes as planned this week!)) on Saturday, and of course trick-or-treating on Saturday night! 

I hope ya'll have a great week!

Friday, October 16, 2009

when you wish into the well...

its friday. i am in my little corner at the office all alone.  completely bored. so i have been shopping browsing my favorite websites.  here is what i would buy if i wanted my hubs to kill me wasn't saving money.

1.  the ever beautiful iPhone.  i love it. i know it is pathetic, but its true.  i go to our cingular acct weekly trying to see if there is any way i can shave off any dollars from our monthly bill, so that i can justify to the hubs the extra $30 it would cost each month in order to have the iPhone service.

2.  this m!chael kors watch.  thank you Jackie, as i am now officially obsessed!  isn't it beautiful?

3.  the canon.  my camera is seriouly in need of a replacement.  did you know they used to make 3.1 digital cameras? well, they did.  and i can prove it.

4.  all things j.crew.  clearly i can't afford a single thing everything, but i still definiately need want these precious items.  my favorite it the cocktail ring. presh.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

many faces of Ava Lea

Ava was in the mood for a photo shoot the other night, so we had some fun! Love this precious little girl!

Being sweet at the start of the "shoot"

Hamming it up.

This one so reminds me of her Dad.

Gawd...they look so much alike...

a few fall decorations :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

weekend recap and some other things...

Is it really only Tuesday?  Ughh..this has already been the longest week.  Maybe it is the craptastic weather we are having here in Dallas.  I digress.

Miss Priss was feeling a little under the weather this weekend ((no pun intended)) so we stayed in our pj's all day saturday.  I cloroxed and lysoled the entire house while she stayed snuggled up in my bed watching kahtoons with a low grade fever.  Luckly, it only lasted one day, and she was back to her ornry sweet self first thing Sunday morning.

While I was disenfecting and Ava was resting, Justin was cleaning his truck and taking it to C@RM@X.  At 8:45 p.m. on Saturday evening, we became a ONE CAR FAMILY!  I can't believe we actually took the plunge  steps towards our finanical goal, but I am thinking the end result will be SOOO worth it ((atleast I hope so)).  See, before Saturday night, we were making 2 car payments. By selling his truck, we now only have my car payment and  it will be paid off by JANUARY instead of JUNE 2011.  See the plus?  Aaannnddd, I ride the train every day to work, so our biggest challenge will be the weekends, which means we will be forced to communicate and be considerate of each other's needs.  I know it won't always be easy, and we will for sure have a few knock-down-drag-out fights, but it is such a great thing for our family.  So far, we have survived the last two mornings without a single argument, and Ava has lllooooovvvveeeddd having both Mommy and Daddy taking her to and picking her up from school.  Fingers crossed we will continue to make progress and become a debt-free family by March! ((that is the plan anyway))  I just tell myself that it is temporary, and that by doing this, we will be able to save up enough money for a new house!

Tonight I have to have free drinks and appetizers network at a happy hour at Central 214.  And, I plan on meeting a celebrity...and getting her autograph.  What celebrity you might ask?

This one...

So not an A-list celebrity.  But she has her own tv show. And she is here in Dallas.  and I am meeting her. So please just let me say she is a celebrity. thankyouverymuch.

Chef Blythe Beck.  If you haven't heard of her, check out her fun little show on Oxygen!  ((I mostly love it because it is here in Dallas, and I know some of them! Ha!))

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

certain girls...! I love to read, and that is actually a really big problem. See, when I start a book that I really like, nothing and I truly mean nothing gets done! My child gets neglected, housework is out the window, and I can barely concentrate on anything else! Nerdy? yes. Pathetic? a little.

But oh how I love me a good book.

I love anything James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Alice Seabold, the Twilight saga, and of course, my girl Jennifer Weiner.

One problem. I seriously have read every single book by the above mentioned authors. So what do you like to read?

I am super excited that it is Wednesday! That means chicken and rice for dinner and my all time FAVORITE fall television show: Criminal Minds.

Happy Wednesday!