Thursday, December 6, 2012

a sister shares childhood memories and grown up dreams...

one of the best things about the housewarming party is that my sister, britni, flew into town to help us celebrate our new home.  its been too long since i saw her last, and even longer since she's been to texas.  a much deserved & awaited visit!
she flew in late friday night, so the fun didn't really start until saturday.  she helped me run errands, and then helped with the housewarming party.  it meant so much to me to have her there!
on sunday we just hung out.  we ran to the grocery store [target everyday that she was here!ha!] and played with ava.  aunt brit and i didn't stand a chance against ava playing trouble!
we met up with uncle eric for dinner at texas roadhouse :)
on monday we spent time just to the two of us shopping while ava was at school.  we headed to sarah's to say goodbye to her and preston too.  after ava went to bed, we tackled putting together the new tv console. [pretty sure i owe her a bottle of wine for that one!]
before we new it, it was tuesday morning --- time to head back to the airport :(  we so loved having her here, and wish so much that she was closer!  three days was just not long enough --- next time better be a week :)

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