Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i believe you can fly...

a little r. kelly, anyone?  i can't help but think of that song whenever i think of ava's new school mascot.  with the move to another town, that also meant another school and district for ava.  she [and i] were sad to leave schell and all her friends, but she was also really excited for this new adventure!

the first day started with a special breakfast of donuts, of course!

she was nervous & excited as we pulled up to her new school for the first time.

i was so overwhelmed after meeting the staff and learning that ava's first day would be with a substitute, but girlfriend took it all in stride.  she came home and happily reported that she made 4 new friends, but couldn't remember their names :) 

another first at the new school is riding the public school bus!  she's always went to a daycare after school, but we are trying after school care at her elementary school this year [a big thanks to sarah who agreed to keep her over school holidays/breaks so that we could do this!].  school doesn't open until 7:30, so she's riding the bus.  she seems to really like it --- and has only missed it once [can you guess who was responsible for her that morning? cough-JUSTIN-cough.]

the new school has been an adjustment the past 6 weeks, but she is slowly but surely getting the hang of it.  new teacher, all new friends, and first ever grades has given us a few bumps, but i know she is going to do great here. 

our little eagle!

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