Saturday, December 1, 2012

a [surprise] weekend with friends...

even though life gets super crazy busy in certain seasons of life, i am grateful for friends who make time to drive to my house on a random weekend  just to hang out with me and my kid.  that's exactly what Jill and Sarah did in early september. 

the girls did great together, and jill offered to drive the crazies in her car to the mall so sarah and i had some QQT [quiet quality time] in the car ;)

the girls had a ball in the disney store, and then we headed to the food court for lunch.  we were able to catch a performance at the mall too before heading back to the hotel for a little r&r.
jill stayed with the kids while we ran to target and to pick up dinner.  after some mcallisters, we headed down to the pool ;)
then it was time for comfy clothes and glow sticks!  can you tell who's who?
we had breakfast the next morning at cafe brazil before everyone headed back.  it was a great impromptu weekend with great friends!

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