Saturday, December 8, 2012

nana & papa come to visit...

the day after thanksgiving, ava and i headed to the airport to pick up nana & papa!
we were so excited that they were finally here!  the weekend consisted of lots of quality time!
we watched ava ride her scooter,
decorated for christmas,
gotten into trouble [and nana beat ava's winning streak!],
painted the garage [okay, so maybe mom & dad painted while i supervised.  worst parents ever :) ] ,
had dinner with uncle eric at on the border,

ava and nana in their cowboys boots :)
and had dinner at brad & sarah's!
we also did some shopping, including a trip to target every day they were here :)  mom & i even visited two targets in one day [in my defense, i was searching for my bookshelves! ]  they do so much for us, and did so much for us while they were here.  while they were on vacation they were helping us put our house together.  i am so glad that we got to share our home with them :) we had the best time having them here, and were so sad to see them go.  i'm already trying to talk them into moving here, or at least coming for christmas! ha!

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Jax said...

Aw that's so fun! I love the last photo of you guys!! So cute! And Ava's little sign..adorable!!